Author Topic: Now I'm in Russia laew Na!and I have some article for you Where AFS Rus50???  (Read 3338 times)

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Hello everybody. Finally I can contact to everyone because of I got a lot of homework and many thing to do.

I'm already in Russia  for 1 month and I think it's such a good country

I stay in Ekaterinburg. It's a civilized country but people still don't smile==!

But don't worry for AFS Rus 50. Because at first you will feel a little bit afraid but when you arrived here you will feel like you know what you should do. Russia is different from Thailand. I can say it's almost different but it's good for you to try a new thing in your life. I know people don't smile but you have to smile first then everyone will smile at you too!

Russia has a lonely atmosphere but you have to be patient and if you homesick in first arrival, just find something to do. You can read a book or try to talked with your host-family. If you make yourself busy then it will be better. I'm feel lonely and homesick too! but I find something to do such as drawing, doing my homework, or clean their house and it's make me feel better.

About the school. At first you will think that it's strange, but try to understand that they are grow in different country, different environment. They aren't the same as your friend in Thailand, but some student are very good! They will try to talked with you so don't worry about can't find the friends.

Food... yeah Thai food is better. But their snack is dilicious. If you can't eat their food you can tell them "нет спасиба" and find some snack to eat because it's cold and you will get hungry. But I recommend you to try their food first because Russian food always not attractive but some of them is tasty.

Ahh. I don't know what I want to talked to you. Many thing happen in here since I've arrived and stay for 1 month. If you want to ask me something, I will try to answer you as fast as I can naja~

Oh! the last one. I don't know that another friend will be the same as me or not. But in my school. The boy is very gentleman and some of them are very good looking and very very very gentleman (They aren't Gay duay na). Because they help me a lot in school or even when I go to forest for school activity. When I got cold they find some branch to make a fire for me and the student make a food for me to be warm too!

If you want to talk to me you can add my facebook. I've already put a picture in my city! or contact me by E-mail.

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