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Slang word i think most of them are bad word.
As i heard or talked with my friends. It might be accompanied in TALK SHIT situation.

Here's the slang i've known so far

DUDE,DWAE<dog>,Buddy,Homie  for friend or it will lead for sentence u want to talk with ur friend. Like Dude where r u going .

What'up , How's gone? How 's  ur life = how are u?

what r u up to? = what r u doing

Buck = Dollar

Soda = coke or fountain drink

Jack<V> = steal    For instance Dude u jack my steal

what da heck = what the he... <appropiate form>

ttyl = talk you later

brb = be right back

Sick = cool, awesome <I think this word only in West coast>   Like Dude I will pay u for luch. That's sick

Gay = sucks <also this word i think in west coast>

Retard = stupid,silly, sort of PUN YA OUN<plz read in karaoke idk in english> 

Loser = suck

GAS price = oil price

Cab = taxi

Redneck = farmer

Beaner = maxican

Nigger = black people <Be careful this word u will get troble if u use in inapporpiate situation>

Cracker = white ppl

Freakin = FUC. or really or very it depend on situation what u want it to mean

weed,bong = marijuna or gunja

MILF = hot mom

Take a dump = take a shit, or drop a bomb

Crap = nasty, stuff

Dang = damn <appropiate form>

Holycrap = holyshit

Pimp = guy who own a lot of girl, and make money by those girls

Dump ass = very stupid

Oh my god,God,Gosh, Jesus, Jesus Chirst = exclamination word

Pussy = coward <Most of thai people always think it is a sexual organism. Actually it's not>

jerk = bad people,theif something like that

Actually I know more than this but they are totally bad word like
 MOFO, Boner, Skeet, Blow job, Queef,milf,jack off, jerk off
if someone want to know these words , u will send any message to me. I want to be private. It's inappropiate to post

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new one from here kor ..


gay is happy! according to the dictionary too (have quite a lot of meaning)
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